A brand that showcases
the highlights of my life

With Cahier’s distinct feminine and opulent taste, we provide products with exquisite silhouettes and delicate touches to complement the lifestyle of modern people.

Our story


Rather of chasing trends, a company that leads new trends every season with its own sensibility.

A brand capable of demonstrating the harmony of gorgeous and flawless cutting skills and outstanding yet restrained and serene couture art.

We hope that it will be recognized as the most coveted brand in the hearts of all women, with products that can catch everyone’s attention and transform you into a protagonist in any situation. Also, the value grows over time, and I hope that it will become a brand synonymous with dreams and elegance that I can hand down to my daughter beyond one generation.

Our Brand


A brand that offers value and pleasure through couture-inspired items.


Innovative features, distinct aesthetics, and creative design distinguish it from competitors.


We examine the pet's body and offer a customized fit with a three-dimensional template.

Our brand family delivers a chosen range of excellent craftsmanship, unparalleled attention to detail,and a common
commitment to perfection, ranging from timeless classics to cutting-edge creations. 

2023 Collection

A collection that is both tempting in its bold and expressive draping and inspired by a vivid energy and energetic spirit.
A brand that will be remembered in 2023 and beyond.

puff sleeve trench coat

Trench coat with voluminous puff sleeves to create a feminine and powerful mood

mermaid long coat

Mermaid coat with power shoulders and mermaid-style shoulder pads that enhance the body profile

See-through blouson

Blouson with gold bead trim and an appealing color combination of pristine grayish blue.

color block trench coat

A trench coat with volume created by arranging huge pleats from the neck to the shoulder and clasping it at the wrist.

puff sleeve trench coat

Sleeveless cape-style trench coat with a black waist color scheme that looks slimmer

one-piece trench coat

A one-piece trench coat that gives a comfortable sense of volume with a light and crunchy feel

special assistance

custom service

Tailored clothing is tailored particularly to your shape and body type to achieve a precise fit, boosting your silhouette and comfort.

repair service

We offer free repair service for over 6 months to extend the life of clothing and preserve quality.

fashion show invitation

We offer invitations to Seoul Fashion Week, which is held in March and October each year, to people who purchase our products.

experience the distinction

We create distinctive designs with a unique aesthetic vision that establish trends and test the limits.

Differences in minor details

We value quality in order for it to last
longer and preserve its value.

The distinction in delicate sewing

This attention to detail increases the garment's quality and aesthetics, giving it a refined look.

three-dimensional patterns

Three-dimensional designs give clothing depth, texture, and a sense of volume.


Tel: + 82 51 754 1504
Email: icydew@hanmail.net
77, Suyeong-ro 540beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Korea